Printing Your First Check On Preprinted Check Stock

Printing Your First Check On Preprinted Check Stock

Check printing with Checkrun is simple. By default, Checkrun includes a basic workflow which takes all checks imported and places them in the initial workflow step that is awaiting approval. Approvals can be made by anyone designated with the proper level of permissions that meet each specified criteria. If you are the only user in Checkrun at this time, you can approve all  check(s) yourself. Simply either click on the yellow status icon, or select the checkbox of each payment you wish to approve and click the Pending Approval Icon located above the list of payments.

The check(s) are now approved and ready to print.

To Print, press the green status button or select checks as Ready to Print. The printing screen will then appear.

IMPORTANT STEP!!! - Before printing checks for the first time, please Verify the Starting Check No in the Account panel matches the Check number on the Preprinted check stock. If it does not match, then click on the Account panel to open it and enter the check number for the first preprinted check you will use. 

You have two choices: preview the check(s) or print them. Initially, select the print “Preview” button to view what the check(s) will look like. Close the viewer window when completed.

(Print Preview sample)

 (Print Check Run – printer selection)

To print “Live” checks, press the “Print Check Run” button. The viewer window will again appear with the check(s) you are printing. The checks now need to be sent to your local printer. Inside the viewer application select Print and the printer you desire the checks to be printed on.

Close the viewer when completed. Then, tell Checkrun if all the check(s) printed correctly.

You just printed your first check through Checkrun! QuickBooks will be automatically updated with the check printed status and check number (not available on demonstration site).

Updated on: 31/07/2023

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