Adding / Connecting a New Bank Account

Checkrun pulls in your Bank Accounts straight from QuickBooks Online.

To add a new bank account, log into QuickBooks Online and go to your Chart of Accounts and click New in the top right corner of the screen

Complete the information below.

Make sure you are using a Checking or Trust type bank account to fund payments in Checkrun.

In Checkrun, sync your Accounts on the SYNC tab to import your new bank accounts.

Your Bank Accounts will show on the Account Tab.

Every bank account needs to be validated in Checkrun before you can use it to fund payments. We work with Plaid, a 3rd party provider to safely and securely connect your bank account to your Checkrun membership.

Plaid provides two options:
Select your Bank from the dropdown
Log into your Bank Account and select the account you would like to connect
Use Plaid's Micropay Solution - Enter your bank routing and account number and we will send a code in a micropayment transaction that you will enter back into Checkrun to validate and link your account.

If you need assistance, please reach out to

Updated on: 14/02/2024

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