Connecting Checkrun to Your QuickBooks Online company

You've set up your Checkrun membership. The next step is to connect your Checkrun membership to your QuickBooks Online company.

Checkrun will automatically gather the membership data, Bank Accounts, and any payments you have in the system that have the print later checkmark checked.

Finally, bills entered into QuickBooks Online will by synced with Checkrun.

Your Checkrun membership will start off in trial where you will have limited functionality you need to process and print your first check once you complete this step.

Press the "Connect" button to proceed and follow the instructions provided. (Note – you can disconnect Checkrun from QuickBooks easily once connected). 

Upon completion of the connection Checkrun will perform the following sync:

Gather information about your company (name, address, etc)
Add your QuickBooks checking and trust accounts to Checkrun - you will still need to validate your accounts in Checkrun via Plaid
Add your QuickBooks vendors list to Checkrun
Import any payments with the Print Later Checkmark Checked
Import any bills with more than a zero balance into Checkrun

Checks marked as “Print Later” in QuickBooks Online.

Print Later Checkbox in QuickBooks Online

Updated on: 14/02/2024

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