How To Add Fixed Signatures To Checks

How To Add Fixed Signatures To Checks

Fixed signatures are the easiest way to eliminate the need to sign checks by hand. To add fixed signatures to a check, go to the Print Settings Menu, Layouts option. 

Select a check to edit by hovering over the bottom of the image. Click the wrench icon to edit.

Each layout has two (2) signature positions. Each position can be designated as either a Fixed signature, that is pre-captured and always applied (such as an amount-based fixed signature), or the position can be designated for approval with a dynamic (mobile captured) signature. In this section we will add check amount to fixed signatures.

With our default layout, we will add a fixed signature to Signature Box 1 (bottom signature location). In the Layout Editing screen, select the fixed signature upload icon.

You also have the ability to have a signature line added to the signature image with text beneath the line (example: 2 signatures required for checks over $10,000). After selecting the signature, line setting, and line text, then save the layout with the logo by pressing the save icon.

Updated on: 31/07/2023

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