How to Add Two Approval Based Signatures on a Check in Checkrun

Checkrun allows you to add two signatures on a check either on a fixed or approval based option.

For approval based signatures: You can set this up in the print settings under layout settings. Please note: you do need permission to access this menu item - it's on the left navigation menu.

A signature in Checkrun is tied to a step - the default is main approval step. If you want both signatures to be based on an approval step, you would need two approval steps. Or, you can do one signature fixed, and one based on the default main approval step.

If your business need the checks signed and approved by two different people, then you would want to make sure you have two separate approval steps.

To do this: In the workflow menu item - click the plus sign on the bottom right hand corner. Then make sure your approvers have access to the steps they should approve in. Also, approvers will need to have signatures uploaded to their profile. And finally, make sure the layout has step 1 for signature #1 and step 2 approval step for signature #2.

Updated on: 11/06/2024

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