QuickBooks Online has modified the way Bill payments can be processed in a 3rd party application like Checkrun.

The functionality remains the same but there is one additional step to follow to import your bills into Checkrun for payment.

How to mark a single payment for "Print Later"

Create your Bill in QuickBooks Online and hit Save not Save and schedule payment.

To display the Print Later checkbox to push payment data to Checkrun, hit the button** "Mark as paid"**

This will display a new screen with the Print Later Checkbox

Open Checkrun and hit sync and you will see your bill payment imported into Checkrun and ready to be paid.

Check the Print Later Box and hit save - this will connect Checkrun to this payment and allow Checkrun to import payment details into Checkrun, including any attachments and payment details.

How to mark multiple payments as "Print Later"

Add a new Bill Payment and hit the save and close button. Go back to the +New Button on the left navigation bar of QBO and select Pay Bills. This will open the Pay Bills screen where you can access all your bill payments to mark them as Print Later. This will send payments over to Checkrun for payment processing.

Pay Bills

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