How To Print Your First Check On Blank Check Stock

How To Print Your First Check On Blank Check Stock

Checkrun improves the efficiency of the entire check printing process. Print checks onto blank check stock, print your company logo, add signatures to checks, and do it all from multiple bank accounts in one place.

Save up to 80% of check printing costs by switching to blank check stock. With no bank information pre-printed on the check, blank check stock is more secure and less expensive than pre-printed QuickBooks checks.

The main difference between the two is that preprinted check stock has the MICR line (with your bank account number, bank routing number, company information, lines, and logos already printed on the check. While that can be convenient, it is not secure.

Checkrun prints that information and more on blank check stock, creating very secure, attractive checks that enhance your company brands. AP Technology has a large variety of blank check stock options with more than 15 security features embedded in the paper.

To print full checks on blank check stock, only three pieces of information are required.

1) the account number for each account you will use for blank check printing
2) the bank information including the routing number
3) the bank name or name and address. Once these items are entered, you can print on blank check stock.

There are two places where you can enter the account information in Checkrun: The Accounts screen and the Printing screen.

To enter the Accounts screen, navigate to the menu QuickBooks section and choose Accounts. Each account is represented by a card. On each card, simply hover over the bottom-right hand side until a pencil icon appears. To edit the account, click on the pencil. The account details screen will be shown. 

IMPORTANT STEP!!! - Before printing checks for the first time, please Verify the Starting Check No in the Account panel equal the starting Check number you wish to use. It is a common practice to use a check number range 1000 or more above the last preprinted checks check number range. For example if the last preprinted check number was 1234, you might use 10000 as the starting blank check number range.

Next, enter the highlighted fields and click the Save button.

The other option is to enter account information on the Print screen. 

Once entered, you will see the option to print “Full Layout Checks." Press the Print Check Run button and follow the same directions as indicated on the “Printing Your First Check on Preprinted Check Stock" section.

CheckRun Support · Support Specialist @ AP Technology

Updated on: 31/07/2023

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