Print & Mail Pre-Requisites

Print & Mail Pre-Requisites

"PAM" will be used throughout this article to refer to the print & mail service

Checkrun's Print And Mail service has built in safeguards to ensure that a payment is never released without a signature or valid address.
When a payment is sent to the PAM queue, the system will check if the address adheres to a recognizable valid address for the USPS. The address of the recipient must include an address, city, state and zip code. The state must be abbreviated and not spelled out.

Signature configuration will also be checked. In the PAM layout you have an option to use either a fixed signature that print regardless of who approves the payment, or an approval based signature that reflects who approved the payment.

If an approval based signature is selected in the PAM layout, every user that has been added to that approval step must have a signature saved to their profile. If the system finds a user that belongs to an approval step and does not have a signature associated with their user account, the save icon will be unavailable.

If a payments are sent to the PAM queue without a valid address, the system will block that payment with "Print and Mail Blocked" error message. If this happens, you can go back into QuickBooks, edit the vendor or customer, save in QuickBooks Online then sync the payment and vendor in Checkrun. This will change the payment in automatically in the Checkrun payment queue. You may then resubmit the payment to the PAM queue.

If you are unsure of a payment address prior to submitting to the PAM queue, you can always select the payment for print and mail, then click preview to validate the address before the payment is submitted.

Updated on: 31/07/2023

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