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Checkrun is excited to expand our payment options to include ACH - Electronic Payment Options.

Here is the Step by Step process for setting up your Checkrun Membership to activate ACH Payment Options.
If you have any questions on ACH Set Up, please contact Checkrun Support.

Step One:
Turn on ACH in your Checkrun Membership Preferences

Step Two:
Secure and Activate your Bank Account via Plaid
Two options available:
By logging into your bank account using Plaid
Using the Micro Payment option by Plaid

Step Three:
Launch and complete the ACH Application
Go To Bank Accounts Tab,
Select the Bank Account you would like to use to pay by ACH and under the Actions, Select ACH Set Up.

Step Four:
Complete the ACH Application
Make sure to include EIN Number, Physical Business Address and Shareholders, Business Owners and the name, Title and Email Address for the ACH Agreement Approver
Incomplete or erroneous information on the ACH Agreement can lead to a decline of ACH Payment Options and a suspension of your Checkrun Membership

Step Five:
Sign the DocuSign Document
This agreement must be signed by the ACH Agreement Approver for your company or business

Step Six:
PreNote the Bank Account
Checkrun Sends a Zero Dollar Prenote to your bank account to ensure the account can support ACH payments

Step Seven:
When you have been approved for ACH, your Bank Account Status will go from ACH Pending to ACH Ready

Step Eight:
Add Account and Routing information for your Vendors
Go to Vendor Tab and under Actions Column, select ACH Set Up
Provide the following Information:
Bank Account Number
Bank Routing Number
Select if vendor has a Personal or Business Bank Account

Vendor Set Up

ACH Payments process in Five Business Days
Checkrun Charges $.75 per ACH Transaction

A Digital Remittance Advice is available for all ACH Payments and can be sent automatically or can be launched from the Archive Queue.

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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