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How to Activate ACH Payments in Checkrun's Preference Settings

To get started with ACH, it requires a verified bank account and routing number to get started.

Ach requires an application - you will need to end your trial, then validate your bank account, then apply for ACH. To get started, you will want to go into preferences and enable ACH first, then go and edit the bank account that you want to use and select setup ACH - it will open a DocuSign agreement that will be reviewed by Checkrun and the Clearing House - after completion, you will receive the document via email to sign, the review process will begin

Where do I validate my banking information? Go into bank accounts and select Link Accounts - you will need to validate your account - once that is done the ACH preference can be enabled and you can apply for ACH.

ACH transactions for Checkrun wont come from your bank - they are processed through the clearing house. You can also decide which vendors in Checkrun you want to make eligible for ACH so you have a safeguard for which vendors can potentially receive an ACH transfer.

Note: Make sure to add your bank account name in Checkrun for it to work.

Note: The ACH application cannot be processed without a physical address - the address comes from QuickBooks Online, so make sure that information is populated in QuickBooks Online first.

Updated on: 11/06/2024

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