Ending Checkrun Trial Early - Setting Your Membership To Active

How To End Your Checkrun Trial Early & Set Your Membership To Active

Checkrun offers a 15-Day Free Trial on all Memberships.

Get familiar with all the features Checkrun, sync with QuickBooks where you can import, approve, and print live, negotiable checks on your Intuit Preprinted Check stock. All other payment types including Print and Mail, Local Printing on Blank Check Stock and ACH (coming soon) are available to demo but the payment options will be locked down during your initial trial period and until you validate your Bank Accounts using Plaid. You have to be out of trial to proceed with the account validation.

If you would like to unlock the full set of features in your Checkrun membership before the end of your 15 day trial, follow these simple steps:

NOTE: You have to be the Main Super User on your membership to complete this action

Log into and log into your membership

On the Left Navigation menu, click on Membership, then Settings, then click on Advanced Tab at top of screen then click on Start Subscriptions

Advanced Membership Settings

Start Subscription Now - Membership / Settings / Advanced

At this time your membership will be set to active, your card on file will be charged and you will have full access to Checkrun and the features included with your membership type.

Updated on: 29/02/2024

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