Using The Checkrun Mobile Approval App

Checkrun goes mobile with payment approvals on the go!

The Checkrun mobile approval app is designed to be used in conjunction with a paid Checkrun cloud subscription for QuickBooks® Online users.

The Checkrun Mobile App gives you the freedom to review, approve payments & sign checks anytime, from anywhere. With Checkrun’s mobile approval app, review and approve payments and capture and apply a digital signature right from the app, eliminating the hassle and inconvenience of tracking down approvers to sign checks, log into the cloud app or meet your team in person to approve and sign checks for your business.

Step 1: Download the iOS or Google Play version of the Checkrun app using the links below.

Google Play

Step 2: First-time users, click on the blue Sign in with Intuit button. This will redirect you to the Intuit login screen where you can enter your Intuit credentials to link your QuickBooks Online account. If you already have a Checkrun login and password, you can enter it in the appropriate fields below the blue Intuit button.

Sign in with Intuit

Enter in your Intuit credentials and tap the Sign In button.

The first time you download the Checkrun app, you may be asked to verify your account to link your QuickBooks Online account with your Checkrun account. You will be prompted to enter the unique intuit passcode texted or emailed to your email address or phone number associated with your Intuit login. Enter it to continue the app set up.

Step 3: Push Notifications - Open the Checkrun app on your mobile device, and select Allow to receive push notifications on the pop-up message (IOS only). This will enable Checkrun to send you push notifications when you have payments to review and approve. If you wish to not receive push notifications via your mobile device, swipe right to display your app settings, click on Notifications and slide the toggle switch from left to right to deactivate your push notifications,
NOTE: We recommend you have the outbound payment notifications turned on so you'll know when you have actions awaiting your attention.

Step 4: Sign into the Checkrun app

Step 5: Once you have successfully logged into the Checkrun mobile app, you will enter on the Payments screen. Here you can see the payments that are ready for approval and signing.

Step 6: Once you approve your payments, you will need to upload a digital signature to your profile. You can upload a digital signature via the Checkrun cloud app or you can capture and apply a digital signature directly from the Checkrun mobile app. If you don't have a digital signature on file, the wet-signature can be applied to your checks in real-time and can be saved and stored as your default signature.

The Checkrun mobile application for Apple iOS and Google Chrome devices can we downloaded directly from the app stores.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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