Set Approval Workflows For Your Team

Set Approval Workflows For Your Team

Make your business more efficient by creating payment approval workflows for your team.

Creating Workflow Steps

A new membership includes a Main Approval Step by default. The default Main Approval is set from $0.00 to no limit. No limit is represented by the figure 8 symbol. This means that any payment, regardless of the amount, will be caught in this approval step.

You can add additional workflow steps. You can assign users to a given step and setup the amount that each step is bound to. For example the following step has been setup only to be used when payments are between 5k and 10k. You can add as many steps that you need and name the step accordingly for easy reference.

Steps are not sequential. This means that steps aren't necessarily dependent on one another for a payment to be fully approved and ready for printing. For example in the following screenshot, there are 2 workflow steps. Main Approval (0.00 - No Limit) and Step 2 ($5,000.00 - $10,000.00) A payment for $2,000.00 would require approval in the main approval step, but would bypass the 2nd approval step. You can get very specific with amounts assigned to workflow steps and what users may approve in each step.

You can change the order of the steps if needed by dragging them.

Assigning Users To Steps

You must assign users to steps. Assigning a user to a step gives them the ability to approve payments in that step. Multiple users may be assigned to steps. Any person assigned to a step may approve in that step and move the payment into the next approval step or the printing phase after all approval steps have been completed. Assigning a user to an approval step is accomplished by selecting the check mark next to their name. If a user is greyed out and not able to be selected, it means that they are a superuser and already have access to all approval steps.

Updated on: 10/05/2022

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