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How To Use The Positive Pay Export

How To Use The Positive Pay Export

Combat check fraud before it happens. With Checkrun’s Positive Pay Service, it’s never been easier to protect your company from payment fraud and make sure your checks never fall into the wrong hands.

IMPORTANT – this section is more advanced. You will need to establish a Positive Pay relationship with your bank to leverage the Positive Pay protection for your check payments. Each bank requires specific information for their formats, which in some cases will require you to enter additional information to properly set-up Checkrun. Checkrun features the largest Positive Pay format Library in addition to supporting a generic .CVS format.

As soon as you print your checks within Checkrun, all of the check data – from QuickBooks Online – is captured. Checkrun instantly converts the data into your bank’s positive pay specification. You can easily export the files from Checkrun for transmission or upload them to your bank.

The positive pay files include all of the pertinent details that the bank will use to protect your business from fraudulent activity and the risk of financial loss.

Choose the Positive Pay menu item under Reports / Exports.
To configure, first select the account.
Then select the bank name in from the menu drop-down.
When the bank name is selected, the bank format list will be populated with the names of multiple formats supported by that bank.
Choose the bank format identified by your bank.
Open up the Bank Format Options section and add any additional information required by that format and click the “Save” button. You are now ready to export Positive Pay files.

You will only see checks which have been printed through Checkrun in the list. If checks do not appear on the list, please print them and then return to this screen.

Select the check(s) and Press the Export button.

The browser will save the file on your computer, which you can then send to the bank.

Checkrun also supports the generic .csv file format export.

To export a .csv export, click on the up arrow down arrow icon. .csv format will be downloaded to your computer.

Updated on: 11/05/2022

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