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Customize Your Checkrun Experience

Customize Your Checkrun Experience

The preferences area lets you customize your Checkrun experience.

Check Copies Action

By default a check image of the completed Check as it was printed in Checkrun is captured and attached to the payment in QuickBooks Online for reference. If you would like to disable this feature, select "Do not create copies of printed checks" and an image of the payment will not be created and not sent back to QuickBooks Online.

Print Quick Action

This preference allows you to change the behavior of the Ready For Printing button on the payments page from print to print and mail. This action only affects the print button.

Printed Quick Action

This preference allows the option to move the payments after acceptance directly to archive queue or let the payment remain in the payment queue after printing. If the option "Move To Printed Queue" is selected, the payment will remain in the payment queue after acceptance, but will change the status to "Printed" This gives the user the opportunity to click on the printed status button and manually move the payment to the archive, if additional review before payment archival is necessary.

Status Quick Action

This preference changes the behavior of the Ready For Printing button to show either history or details when pressed instead of opening the print dialog. If this preference is used, payments will need to be printed from the top print menu instead of using the status button for printing.

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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